Horizons West Capital Partners, LLC


Horizons West Capital Partners, LLC

Horizons West Capital Partners, LLC (HWCP) is a boutique investment advisory and consulting firm providing the highest level investor risk tolerance profiling, asset allocation modeling, and manager search/selection expertise to the growing community of independent Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers.

HWCP was established to serve in essence as an “Outsourced” Chief Investment Officer to assist those forward looking independent advisors perhaps unable or unwilling to dedicate the considerable time and resources required to develop such important and necessary capabilities in-house. Clients of HWCP will be able to draw on the multi-decade experience of HWCP’s Founder, who in the past has provided investment advisory services to a diverse collection of high profile investors including Fortune 100 business executives, Hollywood entertainers, billion dollar global financial institutions, and many of the world’s greatest athletes.

HWCP’s consulting efforts are focused on providing best-in-class asset allocation modeling and manager search capabilities to the independent RIA channel at a fraction of the true “avoided cost” incurred if an advisor attempted to create an equivalent level of expertise internally. HWCP works closely with its client partners and functions as a trusted resource dedicated to serving advisors in any capacity requested.

For those advisors seeking a more direct portfolio management solution, HWCP offers a specialized form of multi-strategy hedged income investing through a series of Model Portfolios now available on leading third-party investment manager and custodian platforms. These highly efficient “All-Weather” portfolios seek to generate market leading levels of current income while consistently exhibiting well below average volatility. Capital appreciation is a meaningful though secondary consideration of the HWCP Model Portfolios.

HWCP aims to provide the Financial Advisor community with easy access to the same first-rate investment management and advisory solutions that are now typically made available only to the largest and most sophisticated of investors, but in this case offered in a far more personal and cost-effective fashion.