Horizons West Capital Partners, LLC

Emerging Manager Focus List

Through its ongoing manager search efforts, HWCP has identified a growing number of investment managers that possess the range of characteristics typically required for formal inclusion on the HWCP Recommended List of managers, with the notable exceptions of not being a current beneficiary of a substantial asset base and/or a long-term performance track record.
HWCP has thus decided to publish an Emerging Manager Focus List to provide the opportunity for Advisors and their clients to benefit from exposure to these potentially outstanding investment vehicles while they are still relatively anonymous and well below the radar screen of the greater financial advisory community. This Focus List will be comprised of a limited number of specialized investment managers deemed to be the most highly regarded undiscovered entities operating within each asset class as identified and utilized by HWCP.

The research methodology undertaken by HWCP in the identification of all Emerging Managers is identical to that previously described in the Manager Search tab of this menu.