Horizons West Capital Partners, LLC

Risk Profiling

HWCP has identified five major investor Profiles that collectively encompass the full range of investor behaviors and attitudes toward risk and return. These Profiles individually possess a unique combination of investment return expectations and risk tolerance limitations. The five distinct HWCP investor Profiles are designated as follows: Defensive, Conservative, Balanced, Progressive, and Dynamic.

These Profiles will serve as the underlying basis upon which HWCP creates the consulting-oriented Target Portfolios. In the attempt to maximize future risk adjusted return potential, the capital markets will be continually assessed in order to identify any structural market dislocations or risk-oriented paradigm shifts as they arise. This process will serve to update, adjust, and/or confirm as necessary the levels of forward looking expected return and volatility embedded into each respective investor Profile over time.

The HWCP risk profiling methodology is specifically designed to align investor interests with realistic capital market conditions, and seeks to reduce to the greatest extent possible the unfortunate mismatch that so often occurs between investor expectations and future market return potential.