Horizons West Capital Partners, LLC

HWCP Multi-Strategy Hedged Income Model Portfolios

HWCP has partnered with a leading third-party overlay portfolio manager to launch a highly differentiated series of ETF-based Model Portfolios that are now available to Financial Advisors on a number of the major independent RIA custodian platforms. These Models are based on several of the HWCP consulting oriented Target Portfolios (discussed elsewhere on the HWCP website) that have been provided to advisors since 2008 and have an almost 5-year investment performance track record.

The HWCP Multi-Strategy Hedged Income Model Portfolios (click for Presentation)

HWCP Multi-Strategy Hedged Income : Conservative Model
HWCP Multi-Strategy Hedged Income : Balanced Model
HWCP Multi-Strategy Hedged Income : Growth & Income Model

These Models will invest exclusively in Exchange Traded Vehicles (ETN’s and leveraged ETF’s excluded) and have been designed to generate market leading levels of current income while still retaining varying degrees of capital appreciation potential. The Models have been assembled utilizing a highly evolved multi-strategy form of portfolio construction and will be strategically managed toward a specific volatility target over time in the attempt to minimize excess, unnecessary, and/or uncompensated risk.

HWCP is a leading national proponent of the “All-Weather” style of portfolio management, a system of managing assets best characterized by the flexible utilization of multiple asset classes and investing strategies through time in order to create a well-rounded, focused, and optimally diversified portfolio. The style of portfolio management as practiced by HWCP as evidenced through the HWCP Model Portfolios has a foremost regard for protecting against the unknown, and willingly gives up some portion of any future positive market return potential in order to rigorously protect against loss.

The HWCP Model Portfolios are designed using a highly flexible Core/Satellite methodology, which allows for the inclusion of both strategic and more tactical portfolio rebalancing adjustments. The preservation of capital is at all times considered a primary objective of all HWCP investment strategies.