Horizons West Capital Partners, LLC

HWCP Target Portfolios

To allow for current and prospective advisor clients to assess the efficacy of all HWCP consulting related risk tolerance profiling, asset allocation modeling, and manager search activities, a series of Target Portfolios have been created that correspond to each of the five investor risk Profiles referenced in the Risk Profiling section of this website. Each Target Portfolio will be comprised of specific suggested portfolio exposures to each of the investment managers on the HWCP Recommended List operating within each of the fourteen distinct asset classes utilized in the HWCP portfolio construction process.

The HWCP Target Portfolios are designed to accurately reflect the complete intellectual property of the underlying HWCP consulting methodologies (Risk Profiling, Asset Allocation Modeling, and Manager Search). The performance of each Target Portfolio is tracked on a daily basis and is published weekly on the HWCP website for clients and potential clients considering HWCP consulting services.

HWCP Target Portfolios are not actively managed live investment portfolios, and are not associated with or related to any HWCP sub-advised or direct investment advisory services. The Target Portfolio performance is calculated and maintained for illustrative purposes only and is specifically applicable only for those prospects and clients considering HWCP consulting services.