Horizons West Capital Partners, LLC

Working with Advisors

HWCP was established in 2008 to provide best-in-class investment advisory expertise to the fast growing universe of Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers. Since its founding, HWCP has served a diverse collection of Advisors including a number of larger firms with a more institutional investor focus as well as numerous RIA’s without the current benefit of an extensive asset base and/or client roster.

HWCP provides investment advisory consulting expertise to RIA’s in the following two general areas: Multi-Strategy asset allocation modeling and third party investment manager search/due diligence

All HWCP investment advisory intellectual property is delivered to clients in Report format on a monthly and/or quarterly basis as appropriate. The HWCP Reports are primarily delivered to clients via email link.

Advisor clients of HWCP receive the following Reports on a recurring basis.

1. HWCP Financial Advisor Quarterly Report (50+ pages)

2. HWCP Fund Factor Analysis Report (100+ pages)

3. HWCP Fund Overview Report (100+ pages)

4. HWCP Target Allocation Report (5 pages)

5. HWCP Target Portfolios Report (5 pages)

6. HWCP Monthly Market Commentary

7. HWCP Selected Topic Webinars

8. Selected Academic Research

Advisor clients of HWCP also have direct telephonic access to Mr. MacNamara which can be utilized to discuss any relevant topic of the client’s choosing. Mr. MacNamara also visits with clients in their respective home offices on at least an annual basis. These visits take a variety of formats, and often allow for HWCP Advisor clients to enhance their own local marketing efforts by having Mr. MacNamara make presentations either one-on-one or to larger gatherings such as public seminars.

HWCP strives at all times to customize its consulting efforts on behalf of Advisors to suit particular client requirements. To the extent that an Advisor has an investment advisory request outside the normal scope of the HWCP service offering, HWCP will undertake any such projects to the fullest extent of its capabilities.

To further enhance the value proposition of the HWCP investment advisory consulting services, HWCP offers its capabilities to RIAs on a monthly basis without the requirement of a long-term contractual relationship.