HWCP Multi-Strategy Hedged Income Model Portfolios

To incorporate the most timely ETF recommendations derived from HWCP’s Dynamic Asset Allocation Model and ETF Analytics efforts, a highly differentiated series of ETF-based Model Portfolios have been established and are currently made available to Financial Advisors on a number of leading RIA custodian and portfolio management overlay platforms. These Model Portfolios have been provided to Advisors since 2008 and have an investment performance track record that exceeds five years.

HWCP is a proponent of the All-Weather style of portfolio management, a system of managing assets best characterized by the flexible utilization of multiple asset classes/investment styles in order to create an optimally diversified portfolio. HWCP’s style of portfolio management has a foremost regard for protecting against the unknown and rigorously protects against loss.

HWCP’s Model Portfolios are designed using a highly risk controlled Core/Satellite portfolio construction methodology, which allows for longer-term/strategic portfolio positioning as well as more timely/tactical portfolio tilts in order to best exploit attractive risk-adjusted excess return opportunities as they periodically arise in the marketplace.

The HWCP Multi-Strategy Hedged Income Model Portfolios – Q3 2014

HWCP Model Portfolio General Presentation

HWCP Multi-Strategy Hedged Income : Conservative Model
HWCP Multi-Strategy Hedged Income : Balanced Model
HWCP Multi-Strategy Hedged Income : Growth & Income Model

These Model Portfolios invest exclusively in Exchange Traded Funds (ETN’s and leveraged ETF’s presently excluded) and have been designed to generate a consistent stream of income-based total returns over time that are substantially above other assets of comparable risk. The Models have each been assembled utilizing a multi-strategy form of portfolio construction and are managed through time adhering to strict risk protocols in the attempt to minimize excess and/or uncompensated risk.